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San Mateo CA Homes for SaleLocated in San Mateo County, California, you find the City of San Mateo. It’s one of the larger suburbs on the San Francisco Peninsula. Also, the city is located in the high-tech Silicon Valley area. In fact, San Mateo includes plenty of job options and a robust economy. As a result, San Mateo County real estate gets a thumbs up from many looking to live in San Mateo County. Combine these features with warm, dry summers and mild-damp winters. Then, you get many added reasons to find San Mateo CA homes for sale attractive. Although, the natural back drop of the area might be enough for some to be sold. For example, the Montara Mountain section of the Santa Cruz Mountains shields the city from the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, gaps in the mountains provide just enough room for afternoon winds from the ocean to blow through. Wow, now that’s nice!

San Mateo CA Homes for Sale and Real Estate Features

The city’s downtown comes straddled by neighborhoods east of El Camino Real. As a result, this region has a big population. San Mateo real estate here, makes it easy for residents to enjoy some seclusion and privacy. At the same time, it allows them to enjoy tons of convenience close at hand, in one of the most developed downtowns by the San Francisco Bay. They find lots of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and historic buildings. They find Central Park, with picnic areas, playgrounds, a baseball field and tennis courts. Let’s not forget the recreation center, miniature train and the Japanese Tea Garden.

When it comes to living options, San Mateo CA homes for sale east of El Camino Real often include well-established features. Also, you may find single family, condo and townhome type for sale. Some of these may be newer builds. For example, a newer enclave called Bay Meadows covers a lot of ground in modern living options. In fact, it was once a horseracing track near Hillsdale Mall. Although, now it’s become a prime, mixed-use neighborhood. It has single family homes, condos, parks, office and retail space. These fine community features were carefully planned. They were intelligently layed out, with tons of gracious living in mind. They became another feather in the cap of San Mateo real estate popularity.

West of El Camino Real, suburban niches begin taking on a more spread out feel. They cover prime locations at every turn and offer dozens of choices in home types. Looking for San Mateo real estate with historic or vintage features? You’ll find them. In fact, you’ll typically find them with large, attractive floor plans. Also, many homes in western San Mateo sit in lush, secluded, country-like settings. Many have breathtaking views, and most have unique, custom features. In addition, they have tons of curb appeal. Take a look at some San Mateo CA homes for sale in the listings below. See what I mean!

Curious about transportation and proximity to various services? San Mateo has three major freeways around it. They provide easy access to any other part of the peninsula or state. What’s more, a local bus service and commuter rail makes it quite easy for residents to get to and from work. Plus, it’s easy to get to local attractions, shopping, and so on. In fact, with excellent schools, public libraries, recreation, health care facilities and more, it’s easy to love what you find in San Mateo real estate.

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