2017 3rd Quarter Real Estate New Construction Trends

2017 3rd Quarter Real Estate New Construction TrendsAre you diving into real estate data for current trends in the nation? You may have seen a few articles that point to a low trend in new construction activity. Although, you may not know that news has its basis in some broad terms. In fact, it isn’t accounting much for the private sector. Instead, it’s based mainly on public sector activity. Pundits found a lower trend there. At the same time, private side, 2017 3rd quarter real estate new construction trends, were pretty upbeat.

Some data shows construction spending up through June. Also, it continues to trend on the upside. Nothing down-trending about that. It’s good news for most real estate enthusiasts. Most of their interest falls on how residential construction does.

2017 3rd Quarter Real Estate New Construction Trends Bode Well For the Private Sector

Steady, active spending on private sector construction means no slippage in focus on new home building.  Also, it points to a similar parallel in actual construction. In fact, many new homes are being built and planned.

2017 3rd quarter real estate new construction trends bode well for the private sector. That’s great to see, as we move through August. Also, that’s a great indicator for the 4th quarter. In fact, it points to solid demand for housing construction. It suggests that we should keep seeing plenty of spending for related materials and supplies. As a result, new construction for housing is a fairly healthy part of the domestic market. But, does the market have its issues?

The real estate market does have other issues currently. Although, demand for homes coupled with a stable construction industry isn’t among them. What are those issues? Find them mainly in growing demand for existing homes in great locations. That is a familiar situation in San Mateo County real estate. In fact, it’s lead to price wars. More buyers must compete for limited homes for sale. Not to worry, though, if you’re a home seller or buyer in the area. Carmen Miranda has been a leading real estate pro for decades. Also, she knows just what to do to make the market trend for you.