2020 Top Home Selling Secrets

Serious home sellers, especially those new to the process ought to pay attention to some secrets to success. And for best results, they ought to apply them. Although, while that’s key, what are the 2020 top home selling secrets every seller should know?

2020 Top Home Selling Secrets Every Home Seller Should Know

2020 Top Home Selling Secrets

  • Plan ahead. Identify any main areas requiring repair and clean up. Also, with clean up, be ready to eliminate the “clutter bug”. In fact, clutter can be one of the worst enemies to the selling process. Have a plan that allows you the breadth of time and measured expense you need to fix and clean up efficiently. Focus on each task, one at a time.
  • Hire a real estate expert skilled in the art of home prepping and staging. They will have a skilled eye. In fact, they can guide and assist you in making the best presentation possible. As a result, your home will look amazing, even more attractive than you thought. Although, buyers especially will be impressed!
  • The real estate pro you hire should also be an expert in bringing you through the selling process, in quite a pleasant experience, with top results. Let them do the ‘heavy lifting’.

More Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips-Custom LightingYou should be able to envision much of what comes into play when prepping and staging. As a result, here are a few more 2020 top home selling secrets and tips. And, they are game changers in today’s market.

  • Think about the extras and luxury features of your home. They should be highlighted in your listing. In fact, “bonus features” like gourmet kitchens, floor to ceiling windows, custom lighting, and so on, make up some good examples. And, having some highly desirable features highlighted is one sure way to get your home sold quickly, for top dollar. Just ask your real estate pro about keys to amping up your home’s appeal.
  • Keep in mind what many of today’s home buyers want. For example, many want bonus spaces. Also, they gravitate to natural features like granite counter tops, hardwood and tile flooring. Although, quite a few buyers want the addition of high-tech features. Add to that they typically love indoor/outdoor extras. And, last but not least, curb appeal is a must have.

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