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5 Simple Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

5 Simple Ways to Make Small Rooms Look BiggerA lot of us have had to deal with a small room issue at one time or another. As a result, we’ve either sought to ignore it, or thought about how to fix it. When it comes to fixing it, many of us automatically jump to what seems like the obvious conclusion. We decide the space must be expanded. A lot of planning, time, and expense come into the picture. But, we may rarely, think about a simpler way to solve the issue. In fact, what if there were at least 5 simple ways to make small rooms look bigger? What if it could all be done without major renovation and a lot of expense? Thank goodness the truth of it is that these simple methods do exist. And, they are real game changers.

5 Simple Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger With Ease

If you’re like me, I want to know how to turn the annoyance a small room can bring into a delightful experience! I want to know how it can be done with ease.  So, what are these 5 simple ways to make small rooms look bigger?

  1. Walls – If they are a dark color, a small appearance with overpower the space. Lighten up the walls. Make them a pale to white hue. You’ll have some leverage if you want to fancy it up. In fact, striping helps make the room seem longer or taller. In addition, when you add hanging pieces, do it sparingly. Put only the most choice pieces in key spots. One of those might be a mirror. It’s recommended, since mirrors make the room seem bigger, as well.
  2. Windows – Can you guess what to do with them for a larger look? You might say choice of curtains. And, you’d be right. Also choose light, muted shades for these. To make the room look higher, hang them from ceiling high curtain rods. In addition, if for example you choose to use a style of blinds, set them inside the window pane. That’ll give the room and instant bigger look.

More Beautifully Efficient and Easy Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

  1. Furnishings – You may already be thinking about clutter. It’s the number one enemy of space in a home! In fact, furniture can easily come off looking like clutter in a small room. As a result, keep furniture down to a minimum. Even better, while adopting a minimalist mindset, consider glass or plexiglass accents. Already see the beauty in that? Of the 5 simple ways to make small rooms look bigger, this may be the most interesting. Since you can see through these features, space seems to open up.
  2. Lighting – Let’s not forget the significance of lighting. Natural light from windows makes a lot of difference and adds an airy, bright touch. When it comes to interior lights, if it’s doable, think about recessed ceiling lights. Although, whatever you decide, lamps, fixtures, or recessed options, keep it elegantly understated.
  3. Doors – You can hide doors and closets. Just pick up some hidden door hardware at you local store. You’ll find touch latches, recessed pulls and the like. Pick the one that works for you.

Knowing these 5 simple ways to make small rooms look bigger, easily, I’ll bet you’re starting to get other, great ideas of your own now! What are you waiting for? Start that small room transformation. It’s going to be easy, but most of all it’s going to be totally rewarding…and fun!

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