April San Mateo County Condo Sales

April San Mateo County Condo SalesSan Mateo County real estate experienced some activity of mention, in the condo market. That is, as seen in figures from the close of March 2019. Also, condo market trends have shown some resemblance to that of the single family home market. At the same time, they continue to set unique trends. In fact, April San Mateo County condo sales updates bring a number of areas to our attention. As a result, for those watching the condo market closely, these are areas of keen interest. And, they offer up analysis of much indispensable data.

April San Mateo County Condo Sales Updates 2019

Upon pulling the data for March, we can have a first look at prices for re-sale condos. And, we can see a key factor of up or down pricing, over the previous month. That said, for March, condo prices were up. At the same time, they were down year-over-year.

2019 April San Mateo County condo sales updates also show a decline, in March condo sales. In fact, condo sales dropped 22.9%. And, that’s a year-over-year percentage.

As in the previous month, condo inventory continues to expand. Also, to give us a good idea of how much it expanded, we can compare to the year before. As a result, figures show that inventory has be higher than the year before, eight months in a row, now. Although, ‘days of inventory’ dropped to thirty-five.

Condo market watchers can also learn how many condos were for sale. They can find the figure in the April updates skirting past March, into April 5th. In fact, as of that date, there were 107 San Mateo County condos for sale on the market. As a point of comparison, we can note that the average, since January 2003 is 350.

Currently it takes about 30 days to sell a condo. And, April 2019 updates in the market activity may signal a good time to sell. In fact, are you thinking of selling? Find out how to make the most of market trends and activity, to benefit your goals. Speak to a market expert. And, call Carmen Miranda today. Oh, and be sure to ask her for a free comparative market analysis.