Bay Area Multi-Billion Dollar IPO Boom

Bay Area Multi-Billion IPO BoomNews of a flurry of initial public offering (IPO) heavy-hitters in the Bay area has sparked a lot of buzz. Also, it has sparked no less buzz in the real estate industry. In fact, multi-billion dollar companies like Lyft, Uber, Pinterest and Airbnb are just some slated to go public. Although, with these IPOs, the region will be hit by a huge influx of liquid cash. As a result, we should find the Bay area multi-billion dollar IPO boom fosters quite a demand for high-end properties. Techie home buyers should see to that.

Patrick Howell O’Neill, writing for Gizmodo projects that IPOs will produce 211 techie buyers of homes worth over $10M. At the same time, he projects thousands more will likely buy homes. And, they will buy homes worth over $1M. You can read the full article, if you like. At the same time, San Mateo County won’t escape its profile, anytime soon. It’s one of the priciest home markets in the nation.

Bay Area Multi-Billion Dollar IPO Boom Spurs 2019 Real Estate Prospects

A great example of the Bay area IPO boom can be seen in Lyft. It has an app-based, ride-hail business model. Also, as of its IPO prospectus, Lyft has over 1.1M active drivers. In fact, Lyft offers its most committed drivers the chance to participate in the offering. They can purchase shares at the IPO price. And, that includes special, one-time bonuses. As a result, going public brings with it robust indicators, in every respect, for the Bay area.

The great influx of liquid cash and high end home buyers could create a new dynamic. It could create that in the San Mateo County market. Currently, it’s a market defined much by slows in both home sales and sales price. Also, the influx could be transforming for a trend in expanded home inventory. Although, while the Bay area multi-billion dollar IPO boom spurs 2019 prospects, will it be a boon for the area market, in general? In fact, only time will tell.

Want details on current trends? View the March 2019 Report. It’s courtesy of Carmen Miranda. Although, for more info on how the IPO boom could affect your real estate interests, contact Carmen. She’s a seasoned, San Mateo County homes expert. She has your best interests in mind.