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Belmont Country Club Neighborhood

The town of Belmont, California has many pleasant surprises when it comes to great places to live. Its sits between San Mateo and San Carlos and close to everything on the San Francisco Peninsula. At the same time, its open space and spread out feel comes tucked away from hustle and bustle. Belmont is one of the more popular home markets in San Mateo County real estate. It has many lovely neighborhoods. Among them, the Belmont Country Club neighborhood stands out. San Mateo and Laurelwood Park border it on the north. Alameda de las Pulgas borders it on the east. Ralston Avenue borders it on the west and south. It was given its name in the 1920s. Its present features began later on. Many of its areas come well-developed with homes.  Some of it has a serene, rural feel like the areas around East Laurel Creek Rd. and Laurelwood Park. Many niches in the neighborhood have large, established homes. These were built during growth spurts in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. A few niches include newer home growth.

Homes in Belmont Country Club Neighborhood

Belmont Country Club NeighborhoodA lush, hilly area with steep, winding roads sets much of the stage. It includes places like Skymont and Hillcrest-Plateau. They rub shoulders with woodlands and parklands. Well-planned, secluded niches, their homes have great presence. They include large floor plans and generous lots. Belmont homes for sale in Skymont and Hillcrest-Plateau range in pricing from about $800K to $1M plus. That price range seems standard for any homes in Belmont Country Club.

Some homes have multi-levels in secluded areas like those around Monte Cresta and Sequoia Drives. Some of these hillside homes come with great views. All homes in Belmont Country Club sit amid plenty of lovely trees and landscaping.

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The Belmont Country Club Neighborhood has a diversity of quality homes, many quiet streets and lush, wooded back drops. Its highly prized collection of residential areas makes for easy living and great investments in home ownership. Find out more about it. Browse Contact an area expert for details.