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Beresford Manor Homes for SaleBeresford Manor is one of San Mateo, California’s best examples of a fast-growing neighborhood. Its growth is due in large part to its great features in affordable living and convenient location. People also find it has plenty of unique charm. It is one of the areas that was formed before WWII in the San Mateo County real estate market. As such, it has an earthy, intimate feel with pedestrian-friendly features and a commercial section. Beresford Manor real estate is a big part of the growth and popularity, with an eclectic mix of homes that have vintage appeal in a lot of styles.  They have added appeal in a traditional , close-knit back drop of streets and sidewalks. In fact, streets and settings may be a little less orderly than those in other San Mateo areas. Beresford Manor homes for sale may be a little less pricey, as they are part of a market in smaller homes. Most are under 2,000 sq. ft., with 2 – 4 bedrooms. Lots tend to be smaller than many in other San Mateo neighborhoods.

The popularity of Beresford Manor real estate has led to improvements in the condition of many homes.  Better condition has led to increased value. At the same time, prices remain lower, as compared to many other San Mateo markets. Homes for sale range from about the high $800Ks to the high $1Ms.

The Area and Beresford Manor Homes for Sale

Many winning features are found in location. The area is right next to beautiful, Beresford Park, for example. Just steps away from many homes, the park and Beresford Recreation Center hosts sports fields and tennis courts, play areas, a community garden and green spaces.  Beresford Elementary School is another key feature within walking distance. Other schools, lovely churches, the Hillsdale Shopping Center and Hillsdale Caltrain Station are also close by. With such a great mix of features in living, learning, working and playing, it’s no wonder that Beresford Manor homes for sale get plenty of attention and attract many families.

Lush trees and a welcoming vibe add to the charm and appeal, while each home seems to have a unique style all its own. Most of them were built from the 1920s to the 1940s. Although, 1950s homes can be found on the western and southern fringes. Whatever their age, some have been remodeled, have add ons, or have been replaced with bigger, modern homes. Whatever their type and size, they are the perfect choice for many in a relaxed, yet engaging lifestyle. Beresford Manor real estate is the perfect alternative to higher-priced markets in San Mateo. You can find out more about it viewing the listings below. You can contact San Mateo area expert, Carmen Miranda for full details. For details on other San Mateo homes for sale, browse

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