San Mateo County

Beyond San Francisco

Beyond San FranciscoIf you’re planning to visit San Francisco for awhile, give yourself plenty of time. Take a look around. There’s a lot more to see on the peninsula that often gets unsung. Yet, it’s some of the most rewarding and worthwhile. San Francisco is great, but why not explore outside the metropolitan area? Why not get a close up look at the incredibly beautiful and culturally rich area beyond San Francisco? That’s right, I’m recommending like any great destination vacation, people make their destination the San Francisco peninsula. That, by the way is mainly San Mateo County.

Taking a Look Around Beyond San Francisco? Great Idea

Just staying in San Francisco is like going to Hawaii and just staying in Honolulu on a week or more of vacation time. Would you really be content not going out to see all the incredible, natural scenery? Would you really want to miss connecting with some of the amazing people?

What you have in San Mateo County is a treasure trove of gorgeous back drops. The county spreads from Daly City and South San Francisco to both Pacific and bay sides of the peninsula. It spreads as far south as Ano Nuevo State Park. A look beyond San Francisco reveals many state parks and preserves. These team with indigenous live and brim with beauty. Some towns and neighborhoods seem like places right out of a story book. Take Moss Beach and Half Moon Bay. Small, hidden away on the Pacific, they are must-see, nostalgic and anything but commonplace. In them, you’ll discover pure reflections of a blissful seaside lifestyle.

Across the County on the bay side, you’ll find close-knit towns built up around canal and lagoon. You’ll find that for many in these towns getting around by boat is popular. In fact, if a house backs up to the water, as a large portion of them do, it usually has a private boat dock. Foster City and Redwood Shores are the places to see beyond San Francisco for these dramatic features and unique lifestyle settings.

Between these Pacific and the bay side towns, you’ll find some of the most pristine and beautiful countryside, mountain and community features. San Mateo alone covers many stunning attractions and neighborhoods. Laurelwood Park, Crystal Springs Reservoir and Miramontes Ridge Open Space Preserve are just some of the dramatic natural features on the town’s west side. Neighborhoods nestled by or near them like The Highlands and Laurelwood are highly sought after by folks choosing to stay for more than a visit. Check out some of the neighborhoods and homes in the San Mateo real estate market right here.

Come see the other aspect of glamour in the attractions, neighborhoods and homes of San Mateo County. Your visit beyond San Francisco may quickly create some great memories for a lifetime. If you love what you see, then consider making it home for a lifetime. You can find out about San Mateo County real estate. You can contact an area expert for full consierge services and assistance.