Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough Neighborood

Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough Neighborhood

Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough NeighborhoodBrewer Subdivision sits on the south end of Hillsborough, California. It is close to El Camino Real on the east. It is edged by Hillsborough Heights on the north. Hillsborough Park edges it on the west. The Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough neighborhood is also known as Brewer Subdivision Upland. It is secluded, yet close to everything. Although smaller than many areas in town, it comes with big payoffs in lifestyle. It is closest to metro San Mateo. Its real estate is a mix of mid-century and new. Brewer Subdivision homes for sale can be found in 1950s ranch styles. They can be found in modern estate homes. They include a relaxed, upscale feel. Original, remodeled and new homes can be found for sale. They vary in price, with 1950s homes selling for about $2M to $3M plus. Newer, luxury homes can be found for up to and in excess of $10M.

Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough Neighborhood Preview

Residents enjoy the best of both worlds. They have a home in what feels like a world apart. Lots of trees and lush settings form the back drop on quiet streets. At the same time, El Camino Real, shopping and dining are only about a half mile away. Brewer Subdivision homes for sale are sought as much for their prime location as for their choices in luxury.

The area comes with great schools. These are top-rated, South Hillsborough Elementary School and Crystal Springs Uplands School. Many students can walk to them. Other great schools like Crocker Middle School are nearby. The Brewer Subdivision Hillsborough neighborhood includes plenty of gracious living and learning.

The Brewer Subdivision began as a private estate that was later sold. The mansion still stands as part of the Crystal Springs School. While most homes do not have 39 rooms like the mansion, people can find plenty of high end real estate. Brewer Subdivision homes for sale may include custom pools, patios and private tennis courts. They may include acreage. They may have upwards of 10 bedrooms. Find out more about them and the area. View other Hillsborough CA homes for sale. Browse Then, contact an area real estate expert for details.

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