Burlingame Terrace Location and Real Estate Features

Burlingame Terrace Location and Real Estate FeaturesOn the surface, Burlingame Terrace location and real estate features may just look like another, well-established back drop, nestled around the town center. Although, inside you find a ton of pleasant, unlikely surprises. First of all, you find a number of niches honed out with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. For example, let’s look at just one of them. On Willborough Rd, you suddenly find yourself in a world apart. You find as though you’ve made your way into an English hamlet. Most every home has an English Country flair. Also, every yard is well kept, with splashes of color, shade trees and greenery. What’s not to like about that?! In fact, the charm in this niche is almost palpable.

Dreamy Burlingame Terrace Location and Real Estate Features

Everywhere you look on Willborough Rd, and Willborough Pl, it seems like something right out of a story book. The homes alone have an appeal that steals the show. You may find yourself not wanting to leave! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this Burlingame Terrace home for sale, (it ought to say “Burlingame Terrace ‘English Hamlet’ home for sale”).

Burlingame Terrace HomeMy goodness, the cuteness, the appeal. These homes are adorable! The neighborhood is dreamy, and right in the heart of one of San Mateo County’s most beautiful towns, Burlingame. And how about that world apart, with at the same time, being close to everything? That includes the San Francisco Bay, downtown and every convenience. In addition, ease of commuting includes Caltrain, historic Hwy 101 and historic El Camino Real. As a result, nothing seems lacking in Willborough, Burlingame Terrace location and real estate features.

The ‘English hamlet’ has tons of walkable appeal, as well. Take a stroll down the road under a bright, clear day. Make your way quickly to the hair salon. Check out various shops. Also, stop in to your local restaurant. In fact, even churches and schools are within a pleasant walk away.

Want to know more? Talk with a Burlingame Terrace location expert. In fact, get the inside details from a Burlingame real estate pro.