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Burlingame Walkable Neighborhoods

Burlingame is a main city in San Mateo County, California that has a great, bayside location. It has a small town feel and lots of big city extras. At the same time, it has tons of great neighborhoods. They often get plenty of high scores in likability and walkability. As a result, many Burlingame walkable neighborhoods are highly desirable places to live in San Mateo County. Let’s take a look at just some of them.

Burlingame Walkable Neighborhoods and Their Homes

Burlingame Walkable NeighborhoodsBurlingables sits on the west side of Hwy 101. It sits just west of the Anza Lagoon/Hilton Airport and Coyote Point Recreation areas. It’s one of the closest niches for homes to San Francisco Bay. Although, as Burlingame walkable neighborhoods go, it’s somewhat small. At the same time, its highly interesting mix of well-established, remodeled and rebuilt homes capture plenty of attention. Burlingables homes for sale often capture the attention of many buyer types. That includes young families. That includes people who simply love a close-knit, family-friendly vibe. It includes those who love having many conveniences within walking distance. For example, Burlingame High School is just a pleasant walk away. Locals flock to its athletic facilities, adjacent park and huge swimming pool. Similarly, Caltrain Station and downtown can be easily reached by foot.

Oak Grove Manor, another well-established neighborhood sits between Burlingables and Burlingame High School. It’s got a similar profile to Burlingables. It has beautiful, tree-lined streets and unique, utterly charming homes. Also, it has the same walkable access to recreation, shopping, services and commuting. Its streets are quiet and clean, adding to a pleasant walk. As homes go, you find no two of them alike. You find single family, some large, some small. They include finely kept yards. Oak Grove Manor homes for sale include highly sought after properties in San Mateo County real estate.

More Burlingame Walkable Neighborhoods and Their Homes

Lyon Hoag sits in a well-ordered, well-established back drop. Another of the Burlingame walkable neighborhoods, it brims with charm. Its tree-lined streets stretch out next to Burlingame High School, on the southeast side. Its homes range from bungalows to rebuilt custom homes. Lyon Hoag homes for sale can offer many pleasant surprises in a broad mix of unique styles.

Burlingame Gardens sits on the northwest side of Burlingame High School. Like its sister neighborhoods, it has walkable features. Also, it sits close to downtown. As a result, finding services, conveniences and commuting comes easy. What’s more, Caltrain Station, Hwy 101 and a number of other main streets are quite close. As Burlingame walkable neighborhoods go, it’s got great appeal. Its cozy older and rebuilt luxury homes blend together to form a great mix of choices. You may find a rare gem in Burlingame Gardens homes for sale.

Burlingame Terrace covers an area west of the high school. As a result, it rubs shoulders with downtown. California Dr. edges it on the east. El Camino Real edges it on the west. Also, Broadway edges it on the northwest. You get more of the same in tree-lined streets and lovely older and rebuilt homes. Finally, great quality of life adds to the attractions in Burlingame Terrace homes for sale.

Burlingame Park covers a built out location on the south side of Burlingame High School and downtown. El Camino Real edges it on the east side. Also, it has many quiet, family-friendly niches. It includes a park and tree-lined streets. Also, homes range from quaint and cozy to large and posh. Burlingame Park homes for sale may reveal a rare find in unique, gracious living, close to everything.

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