Home Buyer Emotional Factors

Home Buying Involves Emotional Factors

Home Buying Involves Emotional FactorsA good realtor knows that there’s a whole lot more to buying a home than selling points. They know that buyers make decisions governed not just by their pocket books. They make them also based on preferences and emotions. In fact, a realtor that doesn’t think home buying involves emotional factors still has much to learn. That attitude can even lose them the deal. Put another way, I wouldn’t want to test that water now or anytime soon.

Home Buying Involves Emotional Factors, Differing From Buyer to Buyer

Emotions come into play on many levels. Although, they are strongest on one simple fact. A home purchase is almost always the most costly we’ll make in our lifetime. Also, it’s simply one of the most weighty decisions we’ll ever make. As a result, it’s got to ‘feel’ right.

Home buying involves emotional factors centered around specific expectations about financial ability. They’re centered around location. Where is the home placed? Where is the general neighborhood? Also, how you ‘feel’ about a home often equates to how easy you can see yourself living in it. If you have kids, what about the schools? How easy is the commute? What’s the neighborhood noise level? In fact, home buying involves emotional factors, differing from buyer to buyer. One can have their heart set on certain feature(s) and won’t be emotionally happy without them. This can be anything from a 2 story home vs a 1 story. It can focus on type of roof. Even the shape of windows and doors can strike the right tune or wrong one. Another buyer might have a deep bond to a certain style and that style only.

All these preferences have emotional factors behind them. And, only the buyer can decide what’s negotiable and what isn’t. After all, it’s a home that will likely support daily life for years to come. It ought to satisfy most if not all the factors involved.

Smart Realtors Tune In Keenly to Home Buyer Emotional Factors

There’s a lot riding on buying a home for most folks, no question about it. And, realtors would be wise to keep that in mind as a standard. Ones that tune into their client’s goals in wants, needs and emotions will score high success rates. Carmen Miranda is one of those realtors. She has a keen sense even when home buying involves emotional factors, differing from buyer to buyer greatly. But, what if your client is a high end home buyer? Do the emotional factors differ greatly depending on the market? We’ll take a look at that topic in the next blog. Stay tuned!