California Economic Summit Sums Up 2018 Real Estate Favorably

California Economic Summit Sums Up 2018 Real Estate favorablyAny realtor seeking a solid game plan throughout the new year needs their ducks in a row early on. To that end, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) economists have plenty of info to share. Also, they did just that at a recent California economic summit. The summit was well received, as were answers from CAR economists. It’s the kind of info realtors like myself soak up like a sponge. It helped me confirm my 2018 business plan is on the right route. It’s a route that keeps providing the most in service and results for my clients. In fact, that’s my goal each year. As a result, when the California economic summit sums up 2018 real estate favorably, with accurate forecasts, it lends plenty of accuracy in success for what I do, as a San Mateo County realtor.

For me, attending such summits is an essential. As I see it, staying informed and educated on everything related to me, as a realtor is a must do. In fact, anything less just doesn’t measure up to standards in excellence I want to apply.

The right tools, strategies and keen market knowledge leads to success, in great real estate results. That’s my goal for all current and future clients. Also, I want to share much of what I learn with them. That way, they become informed and empowered, as well. As a result, if you are a home buyer or seller, you can make those tough decisions with more confidence. In fact, have a look at some of the key takeaways from the California economic summit now.

California Economic Summit Sums Up 2018 Real Estate Favorably and Accurately

In the data points for 2018, we see lots of positives. Also, it’s expected to be quite a good year in real estate. At the same time, we must keep an eye on interest rates. In fact, these rates trend upward. For example, 30 year interest rates were at 3.75% in Dec 2017. Now, they sit at 4.125 (BOFA rate) to 4.25%.

The California economic summit sums up 2018 real estate favorably and accurately, with forecasts and current data that allows for more informed real estate decisions. Buyers can see that the best time to buy may be in 1st quarter 2018, before rates go up again. Also, sellers can see that buyers may be more willing to buy in that time frame. As a result, starting the selling process now sounds like a smart move.  In fact, when it comes to San Mateo County homes for sale, we see a low inventory trend. That means less competition for sellers. It also means better aim at top sale pricing. At the same time, a rise in inventory seems to be on the horizon.

First quarter, 2018 looks like prime time for both home buyer and seller, informed decision making. It looks like prime time to lock in successful real estate results. In fact, it looks like prime time to make the 2018 market deliver some of the best it has in store for real estate. To that end in San Mateo County, when you are ready, contact an informed real estate expert. Contact Carmen Miranda.