Cool Down Summer With Efficient Air Conditioning

Cool Down Summer Heat With Efficient Air Conditioning

Cool Down Summer Heat With Efficient Air ConditioningWe’re well into summer now. And, even those in cooler coastal areas are feeling the rays. In many places the heat also brings with it humidity. In fact, humidity is one of the hardest things to beat during the warm months. Although indoors, the right air conditioning system can do that for you. Besides keeping things cool, it can remove much humidity. Not so with the wrong air conditioning system. That instead does not perform well reducing both heat and humidity. But, what makes the system right or wrong for a home? What’s the key to cool down summer heat with efficient air conditioning? Actually, there are several keys.

Cool Down Summer Heat With Efficient Air Conditioning In the Home

Match Air Conditioning System WIth Home SizeOne of the first things that might slip past someone is the significance of their home’s size. When it comes to air conditioning that matters a lot. In fact, there are many types of cooling systems made for various indoor sizes. For example, you might have a great unit in mind for an upgrade, or think you’ve got the best already in place. Although, if it’s made for quite another level of square footage, it won’t perform well. For example, if it’s too large, it will cycle on and off too often. That leads to poor handling of humidity and temperature. As a result, to cool down summer heat with efficient air conditioning, the first rule of thumb is to match the a/c unit to your home’s size. Consult with an air-conditioning contractor, or a Heat & Cool Efficiently Energy Star web page, if you’re not sure.

The Next Keys to Efficiently Cool Down Summer Heat Indoors

If you have empty rooms, they can waste you energy. Although, you can solve that issue upgrading to a programmable thermostat. It will more than pay for itself in savings.

Where you place the air conditioning unit matters hugely. Put it in a shady cooler area, not in the sun. In fact, on the north or east side works ideally. Also, keep plants away from the unit, unless you want malfunction and clogging.

Efficient Air Conditioning With Ceiling Fans

The last key to mention is surely not the least. If you don’t use ceiling fans, consider getting some! They work perfectly in concert with efficient air conditioning. In fact, ceiling fans do such a good job of keeping rooms cool, air conditioning won’t need to work as hard. As a result, the low use of energy by Energy Star fans equals high cost savings!

These keys to cool down summer heat with efficient air conditioning, of course apply to anytime of the year. In fact, set your ceiling fan clockwise when it’s cold. When hot, set counterclockwise.

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