December 2019 Market Activity Trends

Plenty of people seem interested in how December 2019 played out, in the real estate industry. Although, why all the focused interest? In fact, it’s more than likely due to December 2019 market activity trends setting the stage for what’s in store, 2020. At least that would be true for January. And, here we are already in the new year! As a result, the data is in for December, and available for review now, courtesy of San Mateo County market expert, Carmen Miranda.

December 2019 Market Activity Trends, San Mateo County

Trends At-a-Glance for San Mateo County
Trends At a Glance Dec 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,450,000 (-8.4%) $1,582,500 $1,478,000 (-1.9%)
Average Price $1,765,960 (-8.6%) $1,931,490 $1,719,270 (+2.7%)
No. of Sales 271 (-13.7%) 314 230 (+17.8%)
Pending 181 (-42.7%) 316 212 (-14.6%)
Active 221 (-40.6%) 372 282 (-21.6%)
Sale vs. List Price 102.1 (-0.9%) 103.0 102.5 (-0.4%)
Days on Market 39 (+57.9%) 25 30 (+29.2%)
Days of Inventory 24 (-28.8%) 34 37 (-33.5%)
Market Barometer
December 2019 Market Activity Trends, San Mateo County
Prices and Sales
December 2019 Market Activity Trends
Days of Inventory
Sales Year-to-Date
Sale Price/List Price Ratio
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Market Activity Overview

And what do all the charts and graphs details mean? Well, they boil down to a number of key takeaways. First, it looks as though December ended the year with a mixed bag of home sales and prices data.

Start with median price, a big determinant for putting the other data in perspective. It was down, year-over-year (YoY), for single family, resale homes. And, it was down by 1.9%. On the other hand, average price for single family resale homes was up. Also, it was up by 2.7%. In fact, when you compare both December median and average sales data to November, they were down by 8.4% and 8.6% respectively. Although, that kind of downtrend is common at the end of the year. As a result, it’s not surprising.

In a few other key data points, we also see December 2019 market activity trends coloring January 2020. These include the sales price to list price ratio. And, it dropped from 103.0% to 102.1%. Although, homes sales also dropped 13.7% from November, they were up by 17.8% YoY. In fact for December, 271 homes sold  in San Mateo County.

If you’re planning to sell a home, in San Mateo County real estate, it took about 39 days to sell a home last month. Also, that is up from 25 days in November. What exactly does that selling time frame cover? It’s the time from when a home is listed to when it goes into contract. As a result, if you are planning on selling your property, call Carmen Miranda, for expert advice. And, why not ask for her free comparative market analysis?