Leading the Charge Against Misleading Real Estate Myths

Dispelling Common Real Estate Myths

Dispelling Common Real Estate MythsPlenty of myths exist about real estate. There’s enough to to go around for both home buyers and sellers. Also, they can be especially confusing for first time home buyers. In fact, many of these myths slip in by way of ‘common knowledge’. They are things that everyone seems to believe. At the same time, those who know better make up a small minority. As a result, while dispelling common real estate myths would be a definite boon, it can be a tough thing to tackle on your own.

Dispelling Common Real Estate Myths With a Realtor In the Know

Play it safe and knowledgeably. Get to the bottom of that ‘common knowledge’ with a smart, trustworthy realtor. Unlike many people in general, they know the facts. For example, what was once true and still accepted, might not be the same in today’s real estate market. In fact, an honest, experienced realtor would know and share that with the buyer or seller.

Want to know what some of the most common real estate myths are? Here are a few you may quickly recognize. Let’s start with first time home buyers.

  1. First time home buyers need 20% for a deposit. That’s our first common myth. In fact, many first time home buyer programs only need 5% down. Also, a lot of programs help buyers save up to $5,000. Housing programs like that can also match the deposit by 1 – 2 times. Not bad!
  2. Focus a lot on online statistics and demographics. In fact, that can quickly become a quagmire leading attention away from your priorities. Since what you read online is not always correct, an actual, experienced realtor you can trust has much more to offer. They can give the true details and facts, straight up. If you are buying or selling in San Mateo County real estate, that realtor would be Carmen Miranda. She’s trusted. Carmen’s quite experienced, and she’s got the recently sold homes record to back up her Five Star Real Estate Agent status. Add to that lots of happy client testimonials and you have a realtor dispelling common real estate myths and paving your way to success!

Dispelling Common Real Estate Myths In San Mateo County Real Estate

There are lots more common real estate myths. Don’t find yourself snared and deterred by any of them. Check with your trusted realtor. Check with Carmen Miranda.

Here are a few more Whopping myths to watch out for in any real estate market.

If you want a strong investment don’t buy single family homes in residential communities.

You can skip the home inspection.

Buying or selling a home is always troublesome

In San Mateo County, expect to avoid every misleading real estate myth, with Carmen Miranda.