The San Mateo Way

Do You Know the Way to San Mateo

Do You Know the Way to San MateoMost of us have at least heard of the song, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” Although, for those in the know around the San Francisco Peninsula, the question might in fact be, “Do you know the way to San Mateo?” Why? Well, for one thing, it’s the heart of San Mateo County. And, San Mateo County is the body of the peninsula. There, it covers the vast majority of area, from Pacific to bay. Only San Francisco County (the head, since we’re using anatomy as an analogy) and parts of Santa Clara County make up other, much smaller portions of the remaining peninsula. Although, now that we’ve got that factor out of the way, what makes San Mateo a town good enough to sing about and a key destination besides its location?

Do You Know the Way to San Mateo and the San Mateo Way?

San Mateo does have an amazing location. It overlooks the gorgeous San Francisco Bay. Mountains to the west guard against unruly Pacific winds, but let just the right amount of puffs in. Although, what about the town itself? Let’s look at its footprint.

It has a small number of tall buildings, not really skyscrapers, in a small downtown. The rest of town is nicely distributed in low profile sections of commerce and mixed use areas. And then, San Mateo has a huge and even idyllic residential profile.

Do You Know the Way to San Mateo and the San Mateo WayTake your pick. Live in town. Live by the water. In fact, San Mateo even has a key waterway winding through. Love the area’s hilly features? You can live further out in them, even live in a countryside back drop if you like. With that said, find just about every kind of home, as well. You get historic, vintage, mid-century, post-war and newer. You get recently built, fully remodeled and custom. In fact, expect to find interesting custom features in hundreds of single family homes. Also, expect to find some mansions and estate homes.

That’s quite a profile and line up of livability! In fact, the San Mateo way excels in quality of life. Do you know the way to San Mateo now? Want to know more about the San Mateo Way? Give an area specialist and San Mateo real estate expert a call. Better yet, talk to one that’s a mid-peninsula native. Get the full, inside direction.