East San Mateo Neighborhoods and Homes

East San Mateo Neighborhoods and HomesEast San Mateo hosts a number of amazing neighborhoods. Amazing, since they come chock full of beautiful, quiet niches and an absolute delight in home types. In fact, the homes hold a special degree of nostalgia and relaxed living. And, East San Mateo neighborhoods and homes are well-established, well-kept enclaves with peaceful streets, close to the SF Bay. As a result, they come bathed in moderate weather and balmy, bay breezes.

East San Mateo Neighborhoods and Homes for Sale

The eastern tip of East San Mateo is full of a rich tapestry of homes. And, it includes an elementary school, with adjacent public park. Then, streets fan out in orderly fashion, lined with post war homes in signature, sturdy construction of the time. In fact, classic, ranch style homes make up the majority of real estate in the area. Also, you can find them in original mint condition, remodeled and updated, or fully rebuilt. As a result, there’s plenty to choose from in styles, with many to suit a wide variety of family types. That said, it’s not surprising that you find, young families, couples, and seniors, in a harmonious mix of residents. When it comes to young families, nice to know hundreds of these homes put you within walking distance of the park and school.

To get a real sense of what East San Mateo neighborhoods and homes are like, it pays to look at the homes for sale. In fact, they tell you a lot, in a way close to being there yourself. As a result, it’s essential to study some on the market. And, you can do that now, with one, special property, 917 Daisy Street. Although, if you plan to buy a home in the area, even better! Why not also have a look at its San Mateo CA home for sale overview? Although, for full details, contact listing agent, Carmen Miranda. Then, why not schedule an in-person tour today?!