Embrace the Spirit of the Season

Embrace the Spirit of the SeasonWith Christmas time and the holidays upon us, it’s good to reflect on the past year. Since it’s almost behind us totally, that’s what many of us do, generally. And, we hope to be grateful for some of the things that came our way. We want to be thankful for the things we were able to appreciate and enjoy. No matter how big or small. Although, many of us could say simply, “It’s a relief to say goodbye to ‘roaring 2020’. It was a wild year!” Also, most of us would agree. At the same time, we can strive to do better. We can embrace the spirit of the season. In fact, we can reclaim what really matters in each of our lives. Then, bring it, we us, into the new.

Embrace the Spirit of the Season, Bring 2020 to a Brighter, Hopeful Close

What’s the spirit of the season? Well, there are many cliches, old adages and sayings that just about everybody’s heard. Although, we all pretty much know what it is. And, if you’re not sure, it’s often found simply in giving. That’s what’s great about this holiday time. Most of us have a chance to give, not just presents, but of ourselves, our time to make someone else’s life a little brighter. We each have a chance to embrace the spirit of the season and force 2020 to a brighter, hopeful close. Meanwhile, the future will take care of itself.

We can make a difference now. We can be thankful for each other and what we have. Then, our gratitude can illuminate uncertainties of the future. As a result, it can ease and sooth anxieties and cares, for many.

As we approach year’s end and plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, let’s let the future take care of itself. And, let’s take care of each other, in the present, for a better future. And why not, for everyone?