San Mateo Happy Holidays Everyone

Enjoy the Holidays Putting Safety First

Enjoy the Holidays Putting Safety FirstWith Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s here, we get busy again with plans, festive decorating, cooking and shopping. We can find that things get hectic quickly in the process. Although, it’s quite possible to avoid much of the stress simply by putting safety first. It starts with avoiding distractions many times. Distractions often manifest in the form of too many things happening at once. Take some time to set your priorities. Give yourself time to take care of each activity methodically, without confusion. Take the pressure off! For some this may take a little discipline, but the pay off is big. You get to enjoy the holidays putting safety first. You get to be free of most frenzy and stress, the robbers of peace and joy. Speaking of robbers, that’s another topic that should be addressed with safety in mind.

Enjoy the Holidays Putting Safety First for You and Your Family

Stealing your goods and peace of mind are primary goals of petty thieves and burglars this time of year. You could say such criminals are doing ‘double duty’. They see opportunity in all the confusion and in hurried shoppers. Just today, a woman in a mall parking lot walked away hurriedly from her car while she left her trunk wide open. Her bags and packages were in plain view. I was parked next to her, preparing to leave. I let her know about her trunk, and she thanked me.

Safety FirstWe want to enjoy the holidays putting safety first, and we can do that most easily and gracefully by letting the true spirit of the holidays in. We can really give thieves and burglars lots of heartburn putting true holiday spirit and safety first!

Here are just a few of many safety tips to follow when you are around town and at home, courtesy of Carmen Miranda, Diamond Certified Realtor, San Mateo County.

  • Avoid driving alone or at night when you can.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows closed, in or out of your car.
  • Make sure your alarm is set or use an anti-theft device.
  • When you need to park, do it as close to your destination as possible.
  • Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows. At night, pick a well-lit spot.
  • Have your keys ready, and put packages in the trunk as soon as you can.
  • Keep an eye out for any suspicious people and activity.

If you plan to enjoy the holidays putting safety first around the house in the true holiday spirit, you won’t give burglars what the want. They look for an easy entry, easy escape. You shouldn’t leave your doors and windows unlocked when they are not in active use. You are better off not tempting burglars with Christmas displays in big windows easily accessed from the road.

More safety tips provided by the San Mateo Police Dept.