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Experienced San Mateo County Realtor

Experienced San Mateo RealtorAn experienced realtor turns out to be one of those must have’s in most real estate markets today. That’s not just a self-fulfilling prophecy as some might imagine. It’s reality. In fact, sellers, as well as buyers face many challenges in market dynamics. Such dynamics have become quite complex and difficult to predict. That rings true, even with technology providing many tools to make life easier for those seeking and those selling homes. With 2017 upon us, these factors will only continue front and center. At least in San Mateo County, they appear to be absolutes. Just ask experienced San Mateo County realtor, Carmen Miranda. She’s one of the most established in the County. As a result of her being a native to the area, with many decades of real estate experience, she has clear vision.

Experienced San Mateo County Realtor, Carmen Miranda

Five Star Professional - Carmen MirandaLately, Carmen’s been busy. Although, she’s been active and busy with real estate for decades. And, that’s what she loves. But, recently, for 3 consecutive years, she’s received a 5 Star Professional Real Estate Award. For those who don’t know, that’s not easy to do! Yet, Diamond Certified Realtor, Carmen Miranda did it. In fact, it’s a sure indicator she consistently thrives on high performance, dealing with San Mateo County real estate. Isn’t that what you want and need in a realtor? Isn’t that what you need when it comes to taking on the complex, highly dynamic homes market?

Prestigious awards and real estate service for decades speak for themselves. Although, if you are like me, you need more convincing than that about an experienced San Mateo County realtor. I want to know about volume of sales. In fact, I really want to know what past clients say about Carmen.

An Experienced Realtor Delivers On 2016 San Mateo County Homes For Sale

Let’s look at the cold hard cash in sales delivered by Carmen. It turns out, she represented $28M of home sales in 2016 alone. Now, let’s look at her San Mateo County Realtor Testimonials. We find plenty of happy clients. In fact, they have a lot of good things to say.

When it comes to the market and getting it done for sellers and buyers, Carmen reads it. She gets it. She translates it into the best action and outcome for you.