February 2019 Home Sales Trajectory

February 2019 Home Sales TrajectoryA couple of points jump out about market activity, as of January. One, there’s been a downtrend in home sales, nationally. In fact, San Mateo County homes sales were down 4.8%, from last January. And two, a recent release of minutes from the Federal Reserve’s January meeting seems to indicate 2019 may not see any rate hikes. At least, not until late in the year. As a result, what does that mean for the average home seller and home buyer of San Mateo County real estate? Well, it may at least mean that now is the best time to buy a home. Now’s the time, before the Fed might yet change trajectory. And, the February 2019 home sales trajectory includes a silver lining. Since, a stall in rate hikes translates into incentive for home buyers, home sellers, in turn, have much to gain.

February 2019 Home Sales Trajectory Includes a Silver Lining

With the slow in home sales, other related factors have followed suite. These include expanded home inventory. Also, a downtrend in sales price to list price ratio continued in January. Not to mention, the same for median sales price. Although, in the Fed meeting minutes, we can find silver lining. An uptrend could easily follow suit now. In fact, it could upturn a number of factors, in the San Mateo County real estate barometer.

February 2019 home sales trajectory includes a silver lining, if home buyers seize the moment. With rates stalled, what’s not to like about actively pursuing a buying plan, now? That’s especially nice, with ample home inventory on the market. As a result, we may see home sales up. And, we may even see factors like sales price to list price ratio up, over the coming months.

Home buyers with purchasing incentive translates into big benefits for home sellers. That includes plenty of success, in solid results. And, that’s just what 2019 might hold in store now. In fact, sellers can expect great results, when hiring a market expert. They can expect the same from an expert sellers agent. As a result, if you’re looking to sell a San Mateo County home, why not have both? Why not hire Carmen Miranda? Give her a call today. And, while you’re at it, ask for your free CMA.