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Good News Spring 2020 Home Sellers

Do you want to sell your San Mateo County home? Although, do you have doubts due to the current, economic slowdown? Well, there are a few significant things to keep in mind with your decision making. Firstly, it’s true things looked iffy for home selling over the last several weeks. Although secondly, an uptick may already be in progress. And, that uptick can be traced in home purchase loans. In fact, it appears last week they increased significantly over a loan shortfall in the earlier, March/April time frame.  Also, some pundits have noted the increase at around 12% higher than it’s been for about a month. As a result, good news for Spring 2020 home sellers. At the same time, other reasons allow sellers to claim more optimism now.

Good News Spring 2020 Home Sellers, Buyer Motivation Up

Good News Spring 2020 Home SellersThe uptick in home purchase mortgage activity is largely a function of a specific market gauge. That is, the latest plummet in mortgage interest rates. In fact, they hit another, all time low, lately. As a result, the strikingly low rates have surely spurred a jump in home purchase loan applications.

Currently, a trend in increased home purchase activity seems to have taken place, in some states. And, it looks like the largest states are heralding the trend. As a result, among those states, California shows a cautious but continued increase. In fact, home purchase activity increases in these states could be pointing to a jump start for the Spring home buying season. At the same time, covid-19 restrictions, across states begin to ease up. More good news Spring 2020 home sellers can claim.

Pent-up demand may also play a role in increased real estate home buying and selling, in the Summer and Fall. And, that means there is a lot of continued activity expected. Although, you still have more sound reason to sell your San Mateo County home this Spring.

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