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Hillsborough Heights Neighborhood Homes

Hillsborough Heights is an affluent neighborhood in Hillsborough, California. It sits south of the San Mateo Park area and east of Homeplace and Hillsborough Knolls. Its location puts residents quite close to shopping, dining and commuting. Its easternmost section comes edged by El Camino Real. It even lies within a short walk of downtown San Mateo. Hillsborough Heights real estate comes edged with fine features in suburban living and some of the most custom and stately homes in town. In fact, much of its homes were built prior to WWII. They exhibit the styles of that era like Tudor, Mediterranean and French. As a result, Hillsborough Heights neighborhood homes have an old world feel. The streets are typically quiet and tree-lined. The houses are large. They come with an average of 4-6 bedrooms and large floor plans averaging around 3 – 4,000 sq. ft.

Amenities of Hillsborough Heights Neighborhood Homes

Hillsborough Heights Neighborhood HomesAn esteemed back drop sets the stage for fine, high end homes. They can rarely be found valued for less than $2M. Hillsborough Heights neighborhood homes may often be vintage, but they are masterfully built, with great presence and timeless appeal. Hillsborough CA homes for sale in the neighborhood offer discerning choices in home ownership, amid the San Mateo County real estate market.

Schools add another plus. Hillsborough has some of the best schools in California. They include North Hillsborough School, South Hillsborough School, West Hillsborough School and Crocker Middle School. On greatschools.org, all four have high ratings of 9 or 10. Hillsborough Heights neighborhood homes have high ratings in gracious living.

Before the area was a neighborhood, it was part of the private, San Mateo Rancho. It was sold, and estate homes were built in the 1920s and 30s. Well known people were attracted and owned many of these homes. In fact, William Randolph Hearst lived in Hillsborough Heights on Santa Inez Ave. Hillsborough Heights real estate carries on its attraction with some of the best money can buy.

More elegant homes were built up to the 1960s. Some new homes appear as residents replace old ones or apply major remodeling. These newer homes have similar presence and luxury as compared to the old ones. Because of the quality and value, residents tend to keep their Hillsborough Heights neighborhood homes. Not many go up for sale yearly. Those that do make for a real prize in a relaxed, upscale lifestyle. Find out more about them and other San Mateo County real estate. Browse www.CarmenMiranda.com. Use the below search tool, and contact an area expert for details.

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