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Hillsborough Knolls Homes

Hillsborough Knolls HomesHillsborough Knolls is a high end neighborhood located in Hillsborough, California. It sits between the neighborhoods of Homeplace on the north and Hillsborough Park on the south. The town, itself sits between the I-280 on the west and Burlingame and San Mateo on the east. Much of it, like Hillsborough Knolls has a semi-rural, secluded feel. Someone in the area might even miss that neighborhood while driving by. Although, Hillsborough Knolls real estate has a way of drawing plenty of attention. It includes green spaces and richly wooded areas, with shade trees all around. It includes enclaves on quiet streets. Real estate includes fine landscaping and many custom homes. Hillsborough knolls homes come with estate features and many luxury extras. They have huge floor plans and lots, in a pleasing variety of unique, old and new designs.

A Closer Look at Hillsborough Knolls Homes

San Raymundo Dr., Hayne and La Cumbre Rds. make up the main, through streets. Some homes sit on roads ending in cul-de-sacs. Generally, on the east side more vintage, Hillsborough Knolls homes can be found. When it comes to pricing, vintage, Hillsborough Knolls CA homes for sale range from about $3M to upwards of $20M. For example, a home on San Raymundo Dr., built in 1931 has been on the market for $19.8M. On the west side, more homes were built from mid-century through the 1980s. Some homes may be new, replacing more modest, original ones. Hillsborough Knolls real estate here ranges from about $3M upwards of $10M. Whether vintage or new, homes have many choice features. These include stunning presence ranging from elegant to opulent.

Because of high desirability, great location and schools like North Hillsborough Elementary, residents tend to keep their Hillsborough Knolls homes. Although, a small number does come up for sale yearly. Those that are available offer gracious, affluent living, working and playing in the San Mateo County real estate area. Find out more about them. Browse Use the below search tool, and contact an area expert for details.

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