Hillsborough Lakeview Neighborhood and Lifestyle

Hillsborough CA is one of those towns that make San Mateo County shine. And, it does that in more ways than one. Although, its best feature is a bedroom community feel, in a large, residential profile. In fact, Hillsborough spreads out gracefully westward, over hill and dale. And, many fine neighborhoods fill in the blanks, offering a bounty of gracious living. Of course, they include a wide variety of homes, in many types and styles. As a result, it’s a great idea to have a look at at least one of these areas, to get a good sense of what the town is about, generally. That said, the Hillsborough Lakeview neighborhood and lifestyle is a good place to start.

Hillsborough Lakeview Neighborhood and Lifestyle, Homes and Features

Hillsborough Lakeview Neighborhood and LifestyleYou find Hillsborough directly west of the City of San Mateo and east of Fwy 280.  At the same time, you find it nicely spread out to the north and south. And, Lakeview is on the southwest end. In fact there, the neighborhood is perched in a hilly, woodland setting. As a result, it includes an idyllic, secluded, countryside back drop. Although, the same is true for the homes dotting its prime location.

Speaking of homes, you find plenty of them in unique, upscale bliss amid the Hillsborough Lakeview neighborhood and lifestyle. And not surprisingly, you find them steeped with gracious living, in a peaceful, suburban vibe. Although luckily for those who seek the same, one is available now. It’s tucked away and stunning, once unveiled behind the trees and lush garden that make up its front yard. It’s Hillsborough CA luxury home for sale, 1105 Lakeview Drive. As a result, for full details on this home, contact listing agent, Carmen Miranda. Then, why not schedule a showing? You know, this home will likely be on the market only a short time!