Hillsborough Oaksbridge Neighborhood

Hillsborough Oaksbridge NeighborhoodHillsborough Oaksbridge is an upscale neighborhood in Hillsborough, California. It has a small, residential footprint with a big attraction in grace. Its location tends to give it a low profile. It might be missed driving west of Burlingame on quiet streets. Although, a change in scenery stands out with thick foliage and larger homes. The Hillsborough Oaksbridge neighborhood has a secluded, ‘woodsy’ feel. Many homes sit behind privacy screens of walls, trees and shrubs. Narrow streets seem to wind through a woodland. It sometimes gives way to houses. When they appear, Hillsborough Oaksbridge houses show up in many custom features. They often show up in pre-war styles like English Tudor and Spanish Villa. Houses like these can be found on streets like Baileyana Dr. Take the English Tudor house recently for sale. It’s an Oaksbridge real estate stunner.

Unique Hillsborough Oaksbridge Neighborhood

Together with upscale houses, large lots or acreage full of trees add prime features. They are well kept and a bit sublime. They have a quiet, country feel, and Hillsborough Oaksbridge houses have outlandish appeal.

While many houses were built before WWII, many others are much newer. Besides changes in style, newer trends include larger floor plans. Other houses include vintage estates styles. They do not include post WWII, ranch-styles. The absence of ranch styles makes the Hillsborough Oaksbridge neighborhood unique in town.

Pricing for grand estates can exceed $7M. Although, average pricing hovers around $3M plus. Many houses can be found valued for less than that. Sizes range from 3,000 to over 12,000 sq. ft.. A 9-bdrm., 1917 estate home off Fagan Dr. has 12,880 sq. ft. Hillsborough Oaksbridge houses cause quite a stir with some of the best features in luxury, San Mateo County real estate. They outshine may other properties elsewhere in town.

The uniqueness of its high-end back drop gives Oaksbridge the edge for many interested in living in the area. Find out more about it. Browse www.CarmenMiranda.com. Get details on the Hillsborough Oaksbridge neighborhood and its amazing features. Find other Hillsborough homes for saleContact an area expert for details.

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