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Hillsborough Park Homes

mansion-411128_1280Hillsborough Park is an upper end neighborhood located in Hillsborough, California. It sits in a southwestern niche, while the town itself sits west of Burlingame and San Mateo. Hillsborough has a countryside back drop. Hillsborough Park has some of the most in that back drop. It has sections that almost seem vacant, except for an occasional gate or wall. Yet, Hillsborough Park real estate consists of many pleasant surprises. It may be tucked away from view in places, but it includes much of the town’s newest homes. New construction has been active for about the last 25 years. Plenty of Hillsborough Park homes now feature modern designs and extras. At the same time, established homes add more levels of luxury and charm. They combine with new homes in a price range of about $3M upwards of $10M. Hillsborough Park CA homes for sale each combine with custom design in high quality of life. They offer great choices in some of the best money can buy.

Features of Hillsborough Park Homes

Many homes come with gates and privacy fences. They often sit far from the street, behind thickets and trees. They come with a warm sense of livability. Some have lots of extras and posh features. Hillsborough Park real estate includes huge lots, some over 2 acres. These often have pines and other trees all around. As a result, it may feel more like living in a park at times, rather than a neighborhood. Sometimes, only the telephone wiring breaks up the natural beauty. Hillsborough Park homes blend perfectly with it.

It is not unusual to find homes with 5 plus bedrooms. Some even have guest houses and private tennis courts. Custom pools and patios come as a standard with many. For example, several homes edging newly renovated Vista Park have amazing indoor/outdoor features that include elegant pools. They include beautifully designed back yards. They put some residents within steps of Vista Park’s sports fields and children’s playground for more outdoor fun. When it comes to Hillsborough Park real estate, expect master-planning at its finest with the building and placement of each enclave and home.

Since the area has such a great, natural presence, quiet back drop and fine homes, only a handful of homes appear on the market yearly. Those that do, though, offer gracious, upscale living, working and playing. Find out more about Hillsborough Park homes. Find out about other San Mateo County real estate. Browse www.CarmenMiranda.com. Use the below search tool, and contact an area expert for details.

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