Add Home Value with Colorful Steel Door

Home Owner Tips to Boost Home Value

Home Owner Tips to Boost Home ValueAs a home owner, you want to keep your home in good condition. Also, when you plan to sell, you want to make sure it measures up with needed repairs and improvements. In fact, the care you take and upkeep you make adds to your home’s value. It’s that simple. Although, outside of the obvious, what are some of the most useful things you can do to add that value? That’s a question quite a few of us may have. As a result, here are some valuable home owner tips to boost home value.

You may have some of these already on the check list. Although, it’s likely some may also be new to you. In fact, some may put you ahead of the curve.

Valuable Home Owner Tips to Boost Home Value

When you want to sell your home, the first thing you want to convey is that you maintained it well. Although, beyond the obvious, such as paint, ask yourself what buyers want to see. In fact, include your home systems. They will want to know if your HVAC functions fully. Also, did you know that about 90% of home inspections recommend furnace servicing and certification? If you can have it inspected yearly, it will likely last much longer, as well.

Add Home Value with Colorful Steel DoorValuable home owner tips to boost home value that you may not have considered include kicking up your curb appeal with a different door. In fact, make it a steel door. Make it a contrasting color, preferably a bright one. Why? The colorful, steel door adds much curb appeal, and security. Also, you’re sure to recoup the money you spend on it. Statistics show you can expect a 100% return in a better home resale price.

Besides keeping your yard neat, attractive and weed-free, you need to keep the exterior clean. That’s where power washing comes in. Also, getting rid of grime and mold is a big, motivation.

Home owner tips to boost home value include updating outdoor light fixtures. They include updating old house numbers. Also, invest in a new garage door, if it is worn or outdated.

With both home exterior and interior in mind, painting projects should include caulking. With it, you get a smooth, protective and finished surface. That goes for windows, baths, counter tops.

Valuable Home Owner Tips to Boost Home Value and Home Resale Price

Most of us know the abc’s of boosting home value include kitchen, bath and floor improvements. These often come in the form of new cabinets and counter tops. When it comes to floors, tile and hardwood turn up as best solutions. They offer up tons of appeal and durability. Although, what about the ceilings? Many of us don’t give them much thought. At the same time, you bet buyers will look at them! It’s time for any outdated popcorn ceilings to go.

Check with an expert sellers agent and home staging pro for an assist with the check list on boosting your home value. Check with them for a big boost on your home resale price! In San Mateo County real estate, check with Carmen Miranda.