Home Seller What Not To Do List

PrepHome Seller What Not To Do Listaring a house to sell comes with plenty of planning and work. Sellers typically invest a lot of that to ensure their home is up to snuff. Of course, they want it to make a great impression on potential buyers. In fact, they may focus all their attention on major factors like decluttering, remodeling and staging. Although, other glaring factors may get overlooked. They are sure to turn buyers away. As a matter of fact, at least five deal killers make up a home seller what not to do list. So, what are these major deal killers?

Home Seller What Not To Do List – Sure Ways to Kill a Deal

Even after all that decluttering, remodeling and staging, would you think something else could turn off buyers? Would there really be something remaining that leaves a negative impression? In fact, a number of things can escape the seller. They can land on the home seller what not to do list. Let’s start with personalization.

-A good realtor, like Carmen Miranda, for instance, will tell you to remove things that represent personal preferences and attitudes. Often, sellers don’t recognize these things. They simply grow accustomed to them in the home. In addition, a certain form of personalization, one that elicits emotionally charged or polarized feelings is usually a guaranteed turn off. For example, a lot of sports rivalry items, controversial flag or naked images should go.

Solution: follow your realtor’s advice to the tee. Make your home presentation as neutral as possible.

More What Not To Do’s and Home Buyer Turn Offs

Home Seller What Not To Do List - Pet Odors-Unchecked pet presence makes up the next item on the home seller what not to do list. Our pets are best friends. We love having them around. Although, for the purposes of selling a home, they must become a totally clean and orderly part of the scenario. In fact, it might be best to remove them, while the house is up for sale. There may be nothing that works better in sending a buyer away than a home with pets running around and smelly pet byproducts! Animal trophies add to the negatives of this what not to do category. They simply turn off too many people.

Solution: Remove all obvious signs of pets for showings. Get an expert realtor involved. Let them handle the ABCs of selling a home for you.

-Locked rooms make up another home seller what not to do. Potential buyers naturally want to see the whole house, not just parts of it. A locked room only serves to perturb the buyer’s incentive.

-Besides pets, many other things can create lingering odors and eye sores in the home. Homeowners simply get used to them and don’t notice. Yet, unpleasant smells and oddities are sure, home buyer turn offs.

-Who wants to walk into a home with a dreary back drop? What buyer wants to see poorly lit rooms? Answer: very few.

Solution: Get a person, who doesn’t live in the home to assess the odor and lighting levels. Even better, get an expert opinion. In San Mateo County real estate, tap on San Mateo County realtor, Carmen Miranda. Get her to re-imagine and stage your home.