Homes With Self Cleaning Windows Downside

Homes With Self Cleaning Windows Downside

Homes With Self Cleaning Windows DownsideWhile homes with self cleaning windows are prized for the added value easy care provides, self cleaning windows can have a downside. They may not be right for everyone. Although, their upside is significant as detailed in the previous, self cleaning windows blog. In that blog, we noted that the self cleaning component of a window is activated and powered by sunlight. Rain acts as the natural cleanser. With that in mind, while San Mateo County has enough of both, other areas may not. The fact is that most areas will have enough sunlight to generate the reaction that loosens dirt of the outside of the pane. It doesn’t take much. If there is a homes with self cleaning windows downside, it may not outweigh the upside.

What Is the Homes With Self Cleaning Windows Downside?

What manufacturers like Pilkington Activ™ and Cardinal Neat® Glass conveniently don’t mention is you still have to clean the inside by hand. But, you can get the self cleaning window with heat reflecting inner coatings for more energy efficiency. For some, that may cancel out their concern over cleaning the inside manually.

It’s great to know that the rain, in even sheets wipes the glass down much like a squeegee. It leaves no streaks, which is something to smile about. But what if you live in an area that gets little rain like Tucson or Phoenix? Another homes with self cleaning windows downside comes with such an area. Homes in desert climates won’t get windows naturally cleansed. Their owners will have to wash them down with a hose. That might just be enough of a downside to make self cleaning windows undesirable. Although, you can get them with color tints. That might be beneficial to some for toning down intense sunlight.

The final homes with self cleaning windows downside we found involves salt. If you live where salty ocean air is common, the window’s titanium coating will not react well. It won’t self clean like it should. So for those of you by the San Francisco bay or Pacific, self cleaning windows and not as desirable and useful as for those of you further inland.

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