Brave, Live and Liberty

Honor Life and Liberty Memorial Day

Honor Life and Liberty Memorial DayWhy not hats off and heads bowed. Hearts full of gratitude, let’s embrace liberty. It’s Memorial Day again, and it gives us cause to remember who we are as a nation. It gives us cause to honor the brave, who gave their lives for liberty. It give us cause to appreciate the brave, who today put our nation’s liberty ahead of their lives. In fact, when we honor them, we honor life and liberty Memorial Day. And, we can show lasting gratitude. We can share these precious gifts in who we are and what we do daily. In the small things we do and the big things we do, just let them shine.

Honor Life and Liberty Memorial Day and Everyday

Honor Our Brave, Honor Life and Liberty Memorial DayIf you’re like us at it’s great to have the three-day weekend with Memorial Day. We sure look forward to it. As a result, we can easily muster some thanks for the holiday. Although, its meaning musters much more for Americans, especially those, whose loved ones paid the ultimate price, so they could live in peace and liberty.

Let’s enjoy our liberty today. At the same time, let’s give gratitude a warm welcome. Such a heavy price was paid, so we could! And you know, when we enjoy and appreciate what the brave sacrificed for, they never seem totally gone!

All veterans gone and with us, all brave men and women among us, we are grateful for you. As a result, let’s honor life and liberty Memorial Day and everyday. Also, let’s make life and liberty facets of everything we are. Let them shine through in however little or big the things we do.

Let’s make the brave proud. Let’s be proud and brave, yet humbled, never taking our liberties lightly. In fact, rest assured the brave, who went before us did at least as much.

Thanks to all gone and present veterans. Thanks to all brave Americans. In fact, thanks to all lovers of liberty everywhere, today and everyday.