How Real Estate Professionals Determine Your Home Asking Price

How Real Estate Professionals Determine Your Home Asking PriceWhen it comes to a home seller’s asking price, it’s essential to rely on a real estate expert. Why? Since, the market and a number of other known and unknown factors come into play, you need keen direction. Also, your home’s asking price matters hugely in the end game. As a result, there’s no real wiggle room. That said, though, you may feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to exactly how real estate professionals determine your home asking price.

How Real Estate Professionals Determine Your Home Asking Price Matters

An experienced pro takes many things into account with a home asking price. First, they compare your home to others recently sold in your area. In fact, you can also do that. Although, leave it to the pros to assess the current market competition. Leave it to them to apply the skill and art it takes to come up with the magic dollar amount.

A savvy pro will also run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). It’s a detailed report that points to the proposed price. It covers recent sales and current homes for sale on the market, and much more. In fact, CMA’s are a mainstay, again when it comes to figuring out that magic number. You could say a CMA is your own personal market report, much like agents read. And, it’s even possible to gain insight to the best time to sell. Plus, let’s not forget the impact of overpricing.

How real estate professionals determine your home asking price matters hugely. Although, different pros may give you different pricing. Keep in mind that may depend largely on the methods used. As a result, it’s advisable to choose wisely when you hire an expert. In fact, choose one who takes every relevant factor into account. Think such things as average and median sale prices, days on market, homes listed that did not sell. And, there’s more to the equation. Ideally, make sure your choice has the experience, track record in recent home sales, credibility and reputation to bring it for you.

How to Get the Ideal Home Asking Price In San Mateo County

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