How To Choose the Best Face Mask

How to Choose the Best Face MaskFace masks have been a big part of the national discourse over the past several months. Although, there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on what type will do. Since there are dozens of versions out there to choose from, of them, what works best? What should you pick to do the job? In fact, the whole idea is protection from airborne pathogens, specifically covid-19. And, you see lots of people wearing the type of mask often seen on doctors and nurses. That seems like a good choice, right? On the other hand, you see N95 types widely used. Plus, you see a wide variety of neck gaiter mask and homemade mask types. As a result, how to choose the best face mask can suddenly change from easy to complicated.

How to Choose the Best Face Mask With Effectiveness In Mind

If you need to go out in public to shop, to the doctor, and so on, a face mask should be in mind. After all, it should assist well in preventing contraction of any pathogen. As a result, a typical neck gaiter mask or homemade mask may not work, unless it has a filter and snugger features added. In fact, pathogens can still get through regular fabric. Although, since this mask type typically doesn’t hug your face snugly, germs can easily get in that way, as well. And, that raises a question about how to choose the best face mask if it isn’t nice and snug. On the other hand, N95’s hug your face nicely. And, they have filtered construction.

A cloth mask ought to be multi-layered with folds, and washable. Although, used up, breathable filters (coffee filter or a paper towel, for example) added between the layers can be tossed and replaced daily. That said, how often should you wash a cloth face mask? In fact, as a general rule it ought to be washed in the hottest water, the same day you think you may have been in contact with someone who is symptomatic.  And, otherwise at least once a week, typically.