How To Handle Post Inspection Negotiations

How to Handle Post Insepction Negotiations

Many times, home buyers may not realize that signing an offer does not mean the end of negotiations. Also, that is especially true for first time home buyers. In fact, much negotiating can come into play, after signing. As a result, buyers should know how to handle post inspection negotiations. And, what’s the first thing a buyer should do? they should hire a qualified inspector and qualified agent, right from the start.

The right home inspector should be seasoned and know what to look for. They meticulously go through the property. Also, They document any issues and help produce a plan to bring to the negotiating table.

How To Handle Post Inspection Negotiations Before Closing

Buyers stay ahead of the game by scheduling an inspection early in the escrow period. That way, any specific issue with the home can be promptly addressed. Also, an estimate can be rendered well before the negotiating window expires. As a result, the buyer has ample time for any needed follow-up visits to the home.

Another essential in the buying process is a real estate pro assisting and guiding the buyer through each step. Also, a seasoned pro is a must-have. In fact, they know exactly how to handle post inspection negotiations. With their assist, a buyer stays informed. They stay ahead of the game, to closing. When it comes to San Mateo County real estate, you find such a real estate pro, in Carmen Miranda.

Carmen handles many real estate transactions each year. At the same time, she’s an expert in the industry. She has keen skill for resolving even the most unique property issues. And, she’s no stranger to handling tough ones arising from the inspection process. In fact, she would likely tell you that a list is a must-have. Not only that she may tell you to make two lists. Since review of the inspector’s report could pinpoint key repairs, the first list covers those. What’s the second list cover then? Well, that’s the list of minor fixes you want. They are fixes you should be reasonable about. That is, you should be willing to fix them on your own, after closing.

Before closing, other steps come into play. That includes making sure the seller took care of the first list of repairs. Although, don’t leave anything to chance. Let a pro like Carmen Miranda make all the steps and negotiations a breeze.