How to Identify Home Styles

How to Identify Home StylesEvery wonder what your favorite home style is? In fact, just going by the names, it’s not often easy to know. And, there are a lot of them. For example, there is Craftsman style. Do you know how that looks? What about Cape Cod, or country French? Although, many of us may love what we see in a home, we may likely not know what to call the style. Also, that’s common among homeowners and buyers. At the same time, if you know how to identify home styles and what you love in a style, it would be much easier to capitalize on your home ownership or home search efforts.

How to Identify Home Styles and Capitalize on Them

Many home styles exist. And, that makes it challenging to identify them. Although, knowing what they are will aid in your settling on a favorite. Also, they can be narrowed down to the most prevalent. As a result, that should put us at around 12 of them. Now, let’s see how to identify some popular home styles among these 12.

1. Cape Cod –  This style is usually one story, occasionally 1-1/2. And, it typically includes wood siding, steep roof lines, multi-paned windows.

2. Country French – This style is usually one story. It includes stucco walls, also very steep roof lines and many narrow windows.

3. Colonial – This style is typically 2 or 3 stories. It often includes brick or wood exterior features, and more than one fireplace.

4.  Craftsman – This style is usually one story. It often includes a wood exterior, low roof and wide eaves. Also, it typically comes with a prominent front porch. In fact, this early style has made a come back in many areas.

5. Mediterranean – This style is quite popular in the west. It includes low pitched tile roofs. Also, it often includes high archways, and stucco or adobe exteriors. In fact, this is a style that’s been taken to the next level in many areas, with stunning luxury homes.

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