Win a Bidding War for Housing in a Popular Market

Win a Bidding War for Housing in a Popular Market Not everyone may find this blog topic useful. Although, many others may, as a result of highly competitive home markets. In fact, low inventory and high demand for housing has shaped more local markets than we might imagine. As a result, bidding wars have become a fact of life. Also, if you are looking for a house in one of the hot markets around the country, you can almost count on multiple offers. You can almost count on a bidding war for the home you want. And in the end, the war pushes prices even higher.  Then, wouldn’t it be game changing to know how to win a bidding war for housing in a popular market?

If you know how to win a bidding war, it will be far less likely that you come out on the losing end for a home you want to buy. Also, in a competitive market, that’s invaluable. In fact, you’ll have some, solid control vs feeling like you’re at the mercy of the bidding ‘machine’. No one wants to get discouraged. No one wants to lose a bid on a home multiple times. As a result, take control!

How to Win a Bidding War for Housing in a Popular Market

Competitive markets are nothing to take lightly. Also, besides bidding issues, they are uniquely complex. In fact, that’s especially true of highly competitive real estate markets like San Mateo County CA.  In that market, low inventory and high demand for homes has been a reality for a number of years now. Just ask a seasoned realtor like Carmen Miranda. As a lifetime resident of the San Francisco mid-peninsula, and real estate professional for decades, she’s seen the bidding wars ramp up. And, she’s someone who has her ‘finger of the pulse’ of the market.

With bidding skirmishes afoot, enlisting a seasoned expert seems like the only solution to win a bidding war for housing in a popular market. Also, having someone on your team with intimate knowledge of your local market provides you with more than the best edge. It provides you with some confidence and peace of mind! Now, that can be priceless.

Why not call in the reinforcements? Why not call in for heavy backup? Also, as you move through sometimes tough negotiations, let your realtor backup be your guide. Let them identify the right power moves. Then, expect to win a home you want. In fact, for San Mateo County homes for sale, let Carmen Miranda take aim and do what she does best. Let her win for you!

What Buyers Can do On Their Own To Win A Bidding War for Housing

1. Get a preapproval letter from your lender.

2. Use an escalation clause – This could be the game changer. It makes it possible for you to increase your bid incrementally, if another offer matches or exceeds your initial one.

Carmen can fill you in on other moves you can make to level the playing field and give you the edge like limiting contingencies and being flexible on the closing. Why not have a look at some of her San Mateo realtor videos? Why not line up your back up now? Give her a call today!