Ideal Home Window Dressings

Ideal Home Window DressingsFor most of us, how we dress our windows is a big deal. And that’s not just a notion or preference, it’s a practical thing. In fact, if the window(s) don’t look good, the whole room suffers the same. Although, where do you start to get the ideal home window dressings you want?

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the dizzying variety of curtains, drapes and blinds. Some stunning styles may steal your heart, but are they right for the room and window(s) you have in mind? As a result, make function your first priority. That will automatically limit your choices, making it easier for you to settle on a type. Then, focus on style and other features.

Ideal Home Window Dressings for Function and Style

When it comes to function, let’s look at the various avenues you have before you. If privacy is what you want your window dressings to deliver, look for lined curtains. Also, you can find privacy features in a variety of blinds. In fact, you find some custom and semi-custom blinds lined. Although, if you want that elegant, flowing look, choose lined curtains/drapes. In addition, these lined options help shield from sun damage. In fact, they help insulate the room.

On the other hand, if you want a bright, and airy feel, not so much privacy, choose curtains that let some light in. And if you just want something decorative, unlined should do just fine.

Incidentally, you can find a dazzling variety of blinds that function quite beautifully to give you the ideal home window dressings for function and style. These can be mounted inside or outside your window frame. There may be as many that let plenty of light in and serve a decorative purpose as there are curtains.

When it comes to curtains, did you know you can get them with an interlining? In fact, custom curtains often come with that option. It’s an extra protection and insulation you should consider, if that’s a function you feel you need.

Of course, with your ideal home window dressings for function and style, don’t settle on something you don’t totally love. Don’t settle on anything that misses the mark with the ambiance and color of the room.

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