Increasing Your Home Value By Landscaping

Increasing Your Home Value By LandscapingDid you know that increasing your home value centers quite a lot on landscaping? Since that outdoor feature figures in hugely with curb appeal, it makes sense. In fact, increasing your home value by landscaping should be one of those things every homeowner does. No matter if they plan to stay in the home or sell it sometime in the future, how the yard looks is a pretty big deal. Its not one to take lightly especially for home sellers, who don’t want to instantly turn buyers off.

From my point of view, there is landscaping and then, there is smart landscaping. Let’s go with smart, and focus on attractive, low-maintenance solutions. For example, if you live in a dry climate, choosing drought tolerant plants is smart. Also, nice that they are often naturally low maintenance. In fact wherever you live, while choosing plants native to your region, go for water-conserving types each time.

Increasing Your Home Value By Landscaping Smartly

Increasing Your Home Value By Landscaping Smartly, BeautifullyThus far, we’ve pointed out that getting plants native to your region leads to smart landscaping. Getting those that are also water-conserving leads to real smart landscaping. Also, it leads to a ‘go green’ approach and more green in your wallet! Although, you can take it to the next level in the scheme. Include some shrubs and colorful plant varieties. In fact, mixing up the plant types lets you get more creative. It lets you frame your outdoor area quite smartly, beautifully.

What else can you do when increasing your home value by landscaping? Why not plant a tree? In fact, plant it in a location not too close to your home. Although, put it close enough to provide plenty of shade, once it matures. As a result of the shading, expect to save as much as 40% on your cooling costs!

In conclusion, low-maintenance, local climate-friendly plants look fantastic. They save you lots of time and money. Also, shade trees make your home more appealing and save you cooling/heating costs big time. So, why not get started on increasing your home value by landscaping smartly today?

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