Increasing Your Home Value Smartly

Increasing Your Home Value SmartlyPlan to stay in your home or sell it sometime in the future? There’s no better activity to do, than to make improvements. In fact, it is usually exciting and totally worth the time and effort. And, it often adds lasting value to your home! Not to mention, increasing your home value smartly leads to better quality in daily living. It leads to that for your family. It leads to that for those that may live there after you sell your home. Although, what are the smartest things homeowners can get started on? How can they get the most out of their costs and efforts? Let’s examine some top listers.

Increasing Your Home Value Smartly, Focusing First on Outdated Features

Increasing Your Home Value Smartly, Focus on Outdated FeaturesBefore starting any home improvement project, think about features that may be quite outdated. Some fairly obvious ones include popcorn ceilings. In fact, they instantly date a home. As a result, they should go. Also, making the change is easier than you might think. It is fairly simple to scrape and remove the popcorn. Or, just hire a contractor. Have them tackle the labor for you.

Increasing your home value smartly puts the focus on outdated features, such as dark, older kitchen cabinets. Changing that effect goes light years in improving the feel and value of your home. To tackle that, clean, sand and paint in a lighter color of your choosing. Tip: keep the color quite light and subtle. Although, if the cabinets also have outdated styling, consider complete replacement. For best results in this project, source a reliable contractor, style and color you want. Then, rely on the contractor to make the change. When it comes to updating in the kitchen, also consider replacing any older, outdated appliances with sleek new ones.

Increasing Your Home Value Smartly, Easily

Increasing Your Home Value Smartly - Paint WallsWe’ve covered just some key things to target when increasing your home value smartly. Although, let’s not forget one of the easiest, most economical ways to do that. It’s painting. But, you already new that, right? In fact, spruce up those interior walls. If you plan to sell the house in the future, keep the colors neutral and on the lighter side. Why lighter? In fact, lighter-colored rooms feel more spacious. They look more attractive. And, they make up a huge factor in overall appeal!

While we’re on that subject of a room’s wall color, brightness fits in the same vein. Consider adding some lighting. For example, recessed would be a great choice. Add stylish, well-balanced lighting in key rooms like the kitchen, bath and master bedroom.

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