Get Rid of Clutter

Interior Decor and Clutter

Interior Decor and ClutterTwo things simply do not coexist well in a home, interior decor and clutter. Some readers may say, “Yeah, I knew that.” Although, many homeowners don’t recognize clutter when it rears its ugly head in subtle ways. It can accumulate gradually, over time, without you noticing. When it becomes an obvious problem, it can amount to a lot of trouble and clean up. That takes us to the next layer of our topic.

How to Balance Interior Decor and Clutter

There is only one way to balance interior decor and clutter. Get rid of clutter! Do that especially when preparing your home to sell. You’ll feel 110% better when you do! Your home will look not only much neater and cleaner but more spacious. You want to emphasize the space and flow of the home. And even if you do not plan to sell, you want to do the same for much greater satisfaction and pride in daily living.

Sometimes clutter can take on the very subtle form of bulky items in a room. That’s right. Even some of those favorite things in nick knacks and furnishings fess up as guilty parties. Examine your room with as objective an eye as possible. Better yet, reconcile interior decor and clutter with a truly objective eye. Ask an expert on home improvement and interior decorating. Due to your being quite accustomed to your surroundings, they can point things out that you simply cannot see. If you plan on selling your home, ask an expert sellers agent, who has been doing business for years. If you live somewhere in San Mateo County, ask Carmen Miranda. She has not only helped perhaps thousands of clients prepare, stage and sell their homes, but also partners with expert interior decorators and landscapers.

Increase Space and Minimize Clutter

Do some research, and ask an expert for greater comfort and satisfaction in your home. You’ll be glad you did. Also, you will likely find it much easier to keep your home looking great. When you get rid of clutter, you get rid of interior decor dysfunction. Now that’s a happy prospect!

Ask Carmen Miranda to give your home a walk through. She’ll tell you exactly how to lift the fog of clutter and bring your decor to life. If you’re selling, she’ll provide the highest level of staging and real estate expertise. Don’t be surprised when she gets you a higher selling price!