July 2020 San Mateo County Market

Well, here we are, in the heart of 3rd quarter 2020 already. And as with previous months this year, it’s a unique market situation. It’s thrown us some curve balls. Although, many have risen to the challenge. They’ve responded with innovation and new ways of doing business. With them, no less results and success have been possible. In fact, while it was still an interesting road in real estate, the July 2020 San Mateo County market was fairly active. At the same time, one factor stood out – single-family, resale home sales continued on an uptrend. As a result, analysis of the data is in and shows the break down of activity. Also, you can view it now, courtesy of 5 Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda.

July 2020 San Mateo County Market Update

Trends At-a-Glance for San Mateo County
Trends At a Glance Jul 2020 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,725,000 (-0.1%) $1,727,500 $1,552,940 (+11.1%)
Average Price $2,172,280 (+1.2%) $2,147,450 $1,885,690 (+15.2%)
No. of Sales 427 (+27.8%) 334 374 (+14.2%)
Pending 405 (-5.2%) 427 285 (+42.1%)
Active 520 (+5.5%) 493 510 (+2.0%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.3 (+0.3%) 101.0 104.9 (-3.4%)
Days on Market 28 (-1.0%) 29 22 (+27.9%)
Days of Inventory 37 (-14.7%) 43 41 (-10.7%)
Market Barometer
July 2020 San Mateo County Market
Prices and Sales
Days of Inventory
Sales Year-to-Date
Sale Price/List Price Ratio
July 2020 San Mateo County Sales Price-List Price

July 2020 Single-Family, Resale Homes Overview

San Mateo County home sales was in the spotlight for July 2020. And, single-family, resale homes rose significantly, compared to June. In fact, it rose 27.8% over last month’s sales activity. Add to that the year-over-year (YoY) factor. From that perspective home sales rose by 14.2%. Also, 427 San Mateo County homes actually sold in July. Even that figure shows a jump over the average since 2000 of 398. Although, how many homes were actually for sale? In fact, as of August 5th, there were 520, San Mateo County homes for sale.

A number of other data points, key to market analysis showed upticks in July. And, these spilled over into inventory, sales price and other areas. In fact, July 2020 San Mateo County market activity showed single-family, resale inventory up 2% over last year. As a result, the uptick broke a 10 month losing streak.

July 2020 Home Pricing Data Shows More Upticks

The sales price to list price ratio also made July a month of upticks. It rose to 101.3% as compared to 101% in June. Although, what about median and average sales price? In fact, they were both up YoY. As a result, median price was up by 11.1%. And, average price was up 15.2%.

It took an average of 28 days, to sell a home in July. And, that’s the time it takes, from when a home is listed, to when it goes into contract. In fact, if you plan to sell your property, now’s a great time. Also, why not ask for a free home value analysis? Then, contact an expert sellers agent to start your winning game plan.