Landscaping For Protection

Landscaping For ProtectionMany homeowners know landscaping can add value and appeal to their homes. But, not all of them may know that landscaping can also add protection. How is that possible? Let’s take a look at landscaping for protection and find out.

For the year 2014 alone, the FBI reported that over 1.7 million individuals were burglarized. A huge number, it does not seem to indicate a decrease in break ins. On the contrary, it points to the fact that thieves commit the crime fairly often. It points to the fact they may consider it one of the easiest to commit. Burglars continue to case neighborhoods. Will they find your home vulnerable?

Even if you think deadbolts and alarm systems should do the trick, think again. Often, they do not do enough to stop intruders. So, why encourage burglars? If you do not have full confidence that your home has solid protection, take steps. Get rid of vulnerabilities.

Landscaping for Protection – Homeowner Landscaping Tips

A number of homeowner landscaping tips top the list of efficient burglar deterrents. Yes, you read right. Just smart landscaping can make a ton of difference.

You may have thought of this one already. Although, it needs mention as a highly effective protection. No one wants to get poked and pierced by thorns. Thorny bushes like holly, pyracantha and bougainvillea have great appearance and serve as protectors in the yard. Roses and cactus have the same capacity. At the same time, landscaping for protection means keeping these hedges and shrubs cut and pruned regularly. You don’t want them getting bushy, providing any hiding spots and places to lurk.

Trees also lend a great aesthetic to the yard. They can provide protection. At the same time, they can change into an enabler if they grow too near the house. Picture this, a limb close to the roof or upstairs window. Yes, that’s right. A burglar can reach the house by way of the tree. Keep such a tree trimmed back, with no realistic reach.  In fact, place trees so that they don’t block a clear view of windows and doors. That way, intruders can never slip out of view at your home’s access points.

More to Landscaping for Protection

What about non-organic landscaping for protection? I can think of some like gravel. If you put gravel under ground floor windows, what might you achieve? An instant noise maker, it blows the cover of silence thieves rely on. As a result, it alarms and repels them. Great to have a natural burglar repellent, I like that!

Non-organic landscaping includes fencing. While you may have your heart set on one type, bear in mind it should not enable someone sneaking around undetected. Seriously consider partial privacy over solid privacy fencing. Also, keep any gates to the yard locked. Make things hard and complicated as possible for would-be intruders. That includes keeping all doors and windows locked when not actively in use.

Back to organic landscaping for protection for a moment. While you may lock your back door, it often gets first pick by thieves as a less obvious entry point. Keep that in mind. It deserves plenty of attention, too. Why not place some thorny plants nearby. I can picture gravel around there, as well.

Finally, homeowner landscaping tips must include accent lighting. Everybody loves it. What a great aesthetic for the home. It’s also another feature that gives you the two benefits in one. Beauty and protection. Protection in Illumination gets the most emphasis here, since it eliminates potential hiding spots. Also consider other, primary outdoor lighting like a lamp post. Most especially, consider the deterrent essential, motion-sensitive lighting.

Concluding Thoughts

Landscaping turns out to be one of the best things you can do for your home. We’ve found it has multiple benefits. So, with beauty and protection in mind, it’s a must!

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