Leading the Charge Against Misleading Real Estate Myths

Leading the Charge Against Misleading Real Estate MythsThe last blog talked about dispelling common real estate myths and covered a few of them in detail. Although, an important topic such as this deserves more coverage. In a sense, it’s about leading the charge against misleading real estate myths. Why? Since these myths dash and confuse things significantly for home buyers and sellers, people should know. For example, a common and misleading real estate myth says that you should just expect buying or selling a home to be a headache. Although, nothing could be further from the truth, when you do your research and prepare knowledgeably. In fact, the whole process can be quite a positive experience, with the right realtor assisting. When you take that leap and buy or sell, you can enjoy lots of satisfaction.

Leading the Charge Against Misleading Real Estate Myths Aimed at Home Buyers and Sellers

Yes, some of those real estate myths out there can amount to real whoppers. Let me tell you, from a realtor’s standpoint they only create problems that you would rather avoid totally. Have you heard this one?

  • You can skip the home inspection – Yeah, No. Now, that one will come back to bite you. You just don’t want to do that for many deal making or breaking reasons. Ask any experienced realtor. Your home inspection matters, big time.

Leading the charge against misleading real estate myths takes us to another myth to bust. It also is aimed at home buyers and sellers. Have you heard this one?

  • There is one, right way or no way to buy or sell a home. Back in the day that may have even been basically true. Although, with technology driving things in real estate now, there are lots of variables in the process. Also, these can add up to many benefits for the buyer and seller. Think frequent realtor to buyer or seller communication, for just one example. That alone can change the whole playing field.

Yes, there are still other, misleading real estate myths. Although, now that you know a number of them, don’t be reluctant to challenge others you find. If they aren’t corroborated by facts and the advice of an experienced realtor, you likely have yourself a pitfall. To stay focused and on the right track, make it a must-do to check with a trusted realtor, as you embark in the real estate process. In San Mateo County real estate, make it a must-do to check with Five Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda. Why not give her a call today?