Local San Mateo County Market Trends

Local San Mateo County Market TrendsIt’s looking upbeat in local San Mateo County market trends. It’s looking the same for other real estate markets on the mid-peninsula. In fact, there are key, positive indicators, including those for single family median price and active listings.  Perhaps more interesting, we see a recent push in affordable housing. This is most apparent in markets like Mountain View, Sunnyvale and San Mateo. For example, In San Mateo, you find a defunct horse racing track. Although, when home developers ramp up their plan, you will see it turn into a delightful, mixed-use project. About 5 office buildings, 1,000 houses, apartments and condos make up the end product.

Upbeat Local San Mateo County Market Trends

In Sunnyvale, around Yahoo, planners want to turnover an old industrial area. They have plans for another, mixed-use development. It will include office buildings and attractive housing.

It’s great to see the trend in affordable housing in areas where it’s been severely lacking. In addition, it’s great to see tech giants like Facebook pitching in to help turn it into reality. In fact, it recently put up $20M toward a community investment program. Apparently, Facebook wants to address the affordable housing issue in Silicon Valley. It’s helping to provide versatile housing options. In fact, the tech giant wants to help provide for job training and legal relief for tenants.

Local San Mateo County market trends continue to be upbeat with new home projects in store through 2017. In fact, in local ballots, 3 county measures met muster and passed recently. They will raise hundreds of millions for affordable housing. They will do this for the whole Silicon Valley area.

It’s looking like a win-win for local San Mateo County market trends and others in the area. Single family rates are up. In addition, new home and condo construction is up. What’s more, planning for the near future in both single family and condo living is up. It’s looking good for living, working and playing in the area!

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