Luxury Home Buying Involves Emotional Factors

Luxury Home Buying Involves Emotional FactorsIn my previous blog, we covered the subject of emotions involved in buying a home. For many buyers, they can run high. In fact, they can certainly differ greatly from buyer to buyer in a typical home market. Some of these emotional factors are obvious, as noted in the previous blog. Although, can emotions also differ greatly from market to market? We’ll take a look at how luxury home buying involves emotional factors, as well. At the same time, we’ll see how these factors differ from those arising in a typical home market.

Luxury Home Buying Involves Emotional Factors of a Different Kind

When most home buyers make a decision, it’s based on one of the costliest and significant steps they will take in their lifetime. It’s typically weighted heavily. Although, when high end home buyers make a decision, it may also be the costliest. But, emotional factors are based mainly on wants. In fact, luxury home buying involves emotional factors of a different kind.

When you give it a moment’s thought, you find it’s true that most people don’t need a high end home. One that costs $10M+, for example is not one the majority of people will ever need. Although, the discerning home buyer certainly wants it. They may want it for different reasons and emotional factors. Some obvious ones include showing prestige. They may want to express their success in life. Owning an opulent home may mean they want to feel sexy or indulging or both. Key factors like location or view still figure in has significant. Although, again they are more about certain wants.

Emotional Factors In High End Home Buying Are Similar Across Luxury Markets

Luxury home buying involves emotional factors based on wants over needs. This is true across all high end home markets. It’s true in San Mateo County real estate. It’s true wherever you find high end homes, and not just in the U.S. Although, let’s take a look at San Mateo County luxury homes. You find them in nearly every posh size, style and location. You find them by the bay. In fact, you find them by waterways. You find them in hillside hideaways. Do they come in private enclaves and secluded compounds? Yes! Also, you find them on stunning grounds. You find the same in views. These views may feature the San Francisco Bay. They may feature the Pacific and Mountain scenes. You name it, lush settings and million dollar views set the stage.

Just take a look at some of the high end homes in San Mateo County. See what I mean. Do any interest you or someone you know? Contact a luxury home expert that gets it. In fact, Contact Carmen Miranda.