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Make the Most of Spring Weather With Your Home Improvements

Make the Most of Spring Weather With Your Home ImprovementsAlthough there are a few repairs and improvements best done in the cold months, it’s Spring now. That means generally, you find many windows of opportunity to make upgrades. Also, warmer weather is far more favorable for doing both exterior and interior paint projects. Although, the same is true for stucco and siding repairs, wall and ceiling fixes. As a result, make the most of spring weather with your home improvements. Take care of them early, in plenty of time to enjoy them the rest of the year. If you’re a home seller, why not take care of them in plenty of time to reap the benefits of the current, hot home sellers market?!

Make the Most of Spring Weather With Your Home Improvements Early

Have you been looking to save energy, with Energy Star lighting? Have you been looking for the same with Energy Star ceiling fans? In fact, that’s one bit of advice that goes a long way for saving on home heating and cooling. For example, did you know Energy Star ceiling fans in a few rooms can make a big dent in your energy usage? That’s a whole lot of cost savings. That’s one way to get ahead of the curve as warmer weather leans in.

Make the most of spring weather with your home improvements by planning them in the winter and implementing now. Get that new window or sliding glass door you wanted. Have that colorful, steel front door put in. Also, enjoy the pleasant weather while adding that new awning or gutter system. It can actually be a fun time to take on a lot of repair and improvement projects. Even getting rid of those pesky winter weeds and reinventing your landscape can be rewarding.

Talk with the professionals, who can assist you, early, before their schedule fills up in the busy season. Also, if you plan to sell your home, talk with a real estate pro now. Get ahead of the curve, with their full attention and expertise guiding you to the right repairs and improvements, for the most return on your time and money. In San Mateo County real estate, talk with Five Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda.