Make Upgrades One Home Improvement at a Time

Making Minor Outdoor Home Repairs Produces Big Results

Making Minor Outdoor Home Repairs Produces Big ResultsBefore you know it, summer will be here, and many of us will have outdoor activities high on the list of to do’s. While we’re at it, we might also make some room for a few projects around the house. For example, take a look at your eaves. Are they in good shape? How about the gutters. Do they need some upkeep? These are just a few of the things that might easily fall into the purview of maintenance. Although, these and many other repairs often require just minor attention and effort. Also, making minor outdoor home repairs produces big results. In fact, the time spent in the process can be totally worthwhile!

Making Minor Outdoor Home Repairs Produces Big Results Totally Worthwhile

Minor Outdoor Home Repairs - LandscapingLandscaping is another one of those outdoor activities that may need special attention. For example, some things get overgrown. Also, weeds love the warm weather! Even though you stay on top of it during the year, these can get away from you before you know it. And, now is your chance to really size up what you’ve got. Then, maybe size back or re-arrange some things. Maybe you’ve always wanted an azalea in that vacant spot. Or, you want to replace a shrub you have with a lovely, yesterday-today-and tomorrow. In fact, for best results, work on improving the appeal of your yard, while simplifying the upkeep involved.

Doesn’t weather have a way of chipping away at our home’s lovely features though! Summer is a great time for making any touch ups needed on exterior walls. In fact, bring out your paint pails. After certain touch ups and minor fixes, you want to paint over them. Warm weather ensures the paint drys quickly and nicely.

Minor Outdoor Home Repairs - WindowsMaking minor outdoor home repairs produces big results in windows, as well. Maybe you need some screens replaced. You might even want a new window. No worries! Get the whole window replaced. Use a reputable, local dealer, even Home Depot or Lowes. Need just the window panes replaced? No worries! Use a smaller, local dealer set up for any minor or large window job.

The targeted improvements you make all add up to increased home value. And, summer gives you a great window of opportunity to get them done. Now, that’s a plus! Also, if you want to know more about increasing your San Mateo County home’s value, with selling it in the future in mind, get the added plus of talking with an expert on home valuation.