Making the Right Impression With Curb Appeal

Making the Right Impression with Curb AppealTypically, homeowners understand the need for curb appeal. And, they pay attention to things like the color, trim, awnings, and so on, of their home exteriors. Although, when it comes to the yard, it’s not unusual to find they often put more time and creativity into the back. That can leave the front yard looking, at least somewhat ho-hum. At the same time, it’s one of the first things people notice from the curb, especially if you’re a home seller. As a result, making the right impression with curb appeal, starts also with the front yard. For example, turn those creative juices loose on it with sculptural plantings. Why not add colorful contrasts, some interesting pavers and border patterns?

Making the Right Impression With Curb Appeal and Creativity

With the front yard in tow, the entry area comes into focus next. Does the front door stand out? If not, it might need a splash of bright color. In fact, that’s often a great choice for larger homes. And, does the entrance area look inviting? Some nicely placed hanging flowers and potted plants add a touch of drama. If you have a roomy front porch, add some attractive seating. For example, add a simple but elegant love seat ensemble.

Making the right impression with curb appeal definitely includes accents. And, you can turn your creative juices loose, even have fun with these. For example, you can go for something interesting and unique, when it comes to your house number and where you place it. Although, when it comes to fixtures, stick with the same finish while kicking up the drama with beautiful lighting.  Also, why not turn dull mail boxes and door bells into something lovely and special?

A lot of homes have street-facing garages. And, the garage door figures into curb appeal. It should blend nicely with the color and style of the home. Although, there are a few great ways to quickly kick it up a notch. In fact, just fresh paint can amount to a big improvement. An over-the-garage pergola is another easy way to bring the garage door into step with great curb appeal.

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